WIth the comedy, Magic and Message of The Amazing Hondo

He will wow your audience, enrich your event, and leave a lasting memory.

THE Magic

Whether up close and personal like above with Muhammad Ali, or entertaining on stage as your conference keynote speaker, The Amazing Hondo brings much more than magic. He's a master at managing the audience experience, engaging hearts and minds, and reinforcing the theme and purpose of your event - with memories to last a lifetime!

It's all about the fit.

THE Message

Hondo does his homework for every presentation, helping you determine the perfect fit for your function. He ties into YOUR goals, learns all about YOUR audience, then uses his magic to magnify YOUR message. Your guests will be amazed, engaged and inspired. THEY are the stars of the show. When they're happy, YOU are happy - It's MAGIC!

That's the formula for booking Hondo.